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Pictured above before & afters  over 8 months below Kru Kirsty Lund after 1 year after having her second baby


Widnes Personal Trainer Kru Lundy Wins

Sports Champion 2013 

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Private Personal Training in Widnes is Designed for you and the way you live Widnes Personal Training Studio offers personal training at our Widnes Studio located at 298 Hale Road WA8 8PX using strength training and conditioning techniques that you can practice on your own without bulky and expensive equipment.


We have a Private and fully equipped gym with massage room ,shower facilities, private car parking, fitness assessment room, weights area, punch bag room and much more.  Our personal trainers at Widnes Personal Training Studio excel at motivation and are able to apply and adapt workout techniques based on your individual fitness level, medical history, needs and goals. Method Fitness trainers share a commitment to continuing health and fitness education, and a belief in the holistic approach to wellness. Our personal training gym is located in Widnes and we have clientel from Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington, Liverpool, Chester, Manchester and other areas of the North West.



• Personal Training - custom exercise programs to reach clients fitness goals


• Celebrity Training - private 100% confidential for


• Lifestyle Coaching-Teaching client how to balance


• Compound Training- Training that involves more than
muscle group


• Boot Camp- High energy workout


• 8 Week Total Body Make Over - complete nutrition and training program


• Customized Nutrition Programs - designed by our nutritionist


• Interval Training - cardio vascular and strength training


• Weight Loss - focus on reduction of body fat


• Cardiovascular - increases endurance and stamina


• Body Building - creates muscle physique


• Strength Training - builds lean muscle tissue


• Injury Recovery - helps improve movements


• Youth Training - for the younger generation


• Functional Training - total body movements


• Custom Supplement Programs - All natural supplements
optimize clients health


• Medical Exercise - controlling high blood pressure
overall health issues


To learn more about our private personal trainer
our special introductory offer, free gym & Widnes Bootcamp
membership please contact us on


07763802555 to start your way to fitness success.


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